Two Tone Mom Heart Necklace


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Two Tone Mom Heart Necklace

New For 2015

DaVinci Beads and Charms

A lovely gift for your mom, a DaVinci Jewelry two tone mom heart necklace. A new offering from Dar’s Gifts, A Gold Crown Hallmark Store. The filigree type charm in silver and gold tone dangles from a delicate chain. Give the personalize gift of DaVinci jewelry to your Mother for any occasion.  She’ll wear it proudly, showing all her friends the beautiful and thoughtful gift from her thoughtful child.

Dar’s gifts have several charms, necklaces, and bracelets specifically for Mothers and Grandmothers. Here’s another heart shaped charm necklace.

Two Tone Mom Heart Necklace from DaVinci Beads.

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