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Quest Willow Tree™ Figure

Seek, explore, discover

Susan Lordi: Artist Statement

“Quest was inspired by my son, who is currently immersed in the research and documentation of other cultures. The idea of the figure is to portray that time in someone’s life when he finds something that he is passionately interested in — and begins to pursue it, independently, with no parental prodding. He’s ‘into it’. It’s the love of learning for learning’s sake.  Quest represents when a young person (or really, any age person) is motivated by his own interests and goals.

This figure would make an excellent graduation gift or Bar Mitzvah gift for a young man. He is starting on a whole new quest for higher learning and new life experiences.

  • Name: Quest
  • Materials: resin
  • Measurements: 4" high
  • Sentiment: Seek, explore, discover

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