2013 Music/Sound Ornaments

2013  Music/Sound Ornaments

Hallmark has created some amazing musical and sound producing ornaments for 2013. Hear songs and dialogs from famous scenes like the Wizard of Oz or Star Trek. Dar's Gifts Hallmark Online Ornament Shop only sells new ornaments at reasonable prices.

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2013 Arena - Star Trek
2013 Arena Star Trek ornament. This is a Hallmark Keepsake Magic ornament. Press the button and h..
2013 It's A Twister - Wizard of Oz - Magic Ornament
2013 It's A Twister from The Wizard of Oz is a Hallmark Magic ornament. The twister spins around ..
2013 Lions and Tigers and Bears - The Wizard of Oz
2013 Wizard of Oz Hallmark Keepsake ornament is Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh My! Slide the leve..
2013 Reading is "Snow" Much Fun - 6th in the Making Memories series
2013 Reading is "Snow" Much Fun is the 6th Hallmark ornament in the Making Memories series. Our h..
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